This short presentation will show a 2 storey structure with a 2 car garage on the main floor and a suite on the second floor.  The suite on the second floor is a small suite about 480 SF with one bedroom, kitchen, dining and living area.  


How to Upgrade a Convenience Store: A Design Point of View

A short video on upgrading a 1,000 SF convenience store by adding a food service at the back of the store.

A Video: 3D Rendering of a Commercial Building

Check out my short video on the 3D Rendering Job for a Commercial Building.


Building Exterior Rendering

The Building Exterior Rendering shown above used cement board siding and aluminum panels. to upgrade the building front.  The exterior steel canopy at the top floor is new. The garage door and the man door on the ground floor is shown with a new color to match the aluminum panel.   The colors used were shades of red, grey, silver and white. All fun and modern colors.

Shown below is the original look of building. This building is located in downtown Calgary, and was built in the early 80s. The intention here is to modernize the look and to increase clientele for the building as well.  

At the end of it, I can truly we had fun and the client was pleased with the work. We would like to thank Arch. Michael Turalde for the job well done!

Arch. Joann Zulueta is a registered architect in Canada and in the Philippines.

Saving Energy thru Super Insulated Exterior Walls

Super insulated exterior wall in your house can definitely save energy.  The latest in the National Energy Code has minimum requirements for exterior wall insulation. It depends on the location and heating degree days.  For houses without a HRV heat recovery ventilator, Alberta has minimum requirements of 3.8RSI or R18. This is usually built as with an exterior sheathing, a  2"x 6" stud wall filled with fiberglass batt insulation, and an interior sheathing. With thermal bridging, wherein the walls lose heat through the studs, the value of your insulation is technically lower.

Seen below is a thermal picture of a basement wall.  The stud's temperature is at 14 degrees Celsius, and the actual wall is 16 degrees. 
2 degrees Celsius is lost and I took this picture on a spring day, about 11 degrees outside.
If you are doing any exterior renovation, you should consider doing an  R40 wall. The R40 wall translates to 10-12 inch wall- a double stud wall, or a structurally insul…

Pergola At the Roof Deck

A Pergola at the roof deck is a special outdoor feature that adds building value,  applicable for residential as well as commercial projects.  An inherent feature that the building should have is a good view – cityscape or landscape. A pergola promotes interaction between users and between user and the space itself. It also provides some shade for any outdoor event.
Design it to withstand extremes in climate. This is critical to its long term use. The post and lintel type with beams and roof joists is a popular style. As much as possible, use natural elements like wood. Recycled wood can also be used, as long as it is treated properly. This can be complimented by various forms of landscaping. Maintaining the pergola should be looked into at the onset of the project. Take into consideration – cleaning, drainage and repairs.  Always build for longevity.
Certainly, pergola is an attractive feature that will draw attention to your building, to be enjoyed by users and adds …